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Ambierle : image, comic and book village

The book village in Ambierle in Loire opened on the 8th of April with the sponsorship of Mazarine Pingeot, Michel Granger et Jean-Paul Delphino.

Until now 3 bookstores are open all the year round and two more will open in the Spring.
Activities around books are very intense in Ambierle with regular markets every 2d Sunday of every month ( April, May, June, Sptember and October) and in the Summer every 2d Friday (July and August).

Not to mention cultural activities, exhibitions, literary cafés…and the museum Alice Taverne.
There are workshops 'around the book' too : medieval and contemporary book bindind, gilding, art of handwriting, paper making and restoration of old papers…

The book village is constantly evolving. Therefore our association is inviting people who have plans : secondhand booksellers, booksellers, publishers, printers, binders… to come and settle in Ambierle so as to develop their occupation in the highly attractive surrounding of this village with character.

Adress : La Motte du livre - Hall de la Mairie
42820 Ambierle

Or villagedulivre-ambierle@orange.fr or 04 77 65 62 89

For more information and if you wont to know more about the different events, refer to the official site of the book village : www.le-village-du-livre.fr

web book


Book villages need :
" To be known and recognized.
" To federate
" To attract visitors to the village and to their web page.

That's the reason why we decided to create a web book with the list of all the book villages:

Feel free to register your internet site and to e-mail us for any question.

Thanks to this database, everyone will be able to distribute the addresses and phone numbers of all the other villages to make them more famous.
This could be a network of book villages.

Worth noting : the rubric called 'amis du livre' allows everyone to suggest sites near the village : writers, workshops, bookstores…

King regards,
The President
Jo Taboulet

Information: 04 77 65 62 89